The Rules for a Table Tennis Tournament
  • The international table tennis rules are applied in the tournament.
  • The matches are divided into two categories: Individual Man and Individual Woman and will be made according to the elimination tournament rules.
  • The matches will be played with referees.
  • The Teams will play three-set matches and teams who took two-sets will win the match.
  • The drawing of lots will take place at the Technical Meeting of Balkan Sports Games and the same universities’ athletes will not become partners with each other. The athletes who passed on the player that qualified for the next series can match with other players of his/her own university.
  • *As there will be elimination tournament, defeated player won't be able to hold any new match.
  • *When the match time comes, the player who is not present at the match field without letting us know will be forfeited.
  • *Each player will play with his/her own racket.
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