Trakya University, who is a preferred and prestigious University, has a target to be a bridge to the future, and also is a leader in national and international level on science, art and culture. Trakya University who has internalized its vision and paid attention to the relations of our country with the Balkans targets to be a powerful, trustworthy and prestigious education and research institution in the fields such as language, history, culture, art, social and economic spheres of Balkans with its knowledge and projects. This project will provide to embody the existing bilateral agreements in academic field especially between Trakya University and Balkan countries and accelerate the academic relations between Turkey and the countries in the region. Edirne is a border town who has the oldest and deep-rooted university in TR21 region. Since Edirne is a border town, it is the opening door of Turkey to Europe. Social integration and living together in peace is important in terms of the common future of the societies. The project will contribute to develop communication with the players who live in the Balkans, also provide cultural exchange and the advertisement of our country.
Balkan Sports games will be held in Edirne which was the capital to Ottoman and our cultural civilization and Fair Play sport of our country named Oil Wrestling. The university students of the Balkans will breathe the peace culture of the sport during our organization. The advantage of Edirne’s being capital city to the civilizations will be utilized in the social activities.
There will be players, managers and trainers from Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Kosovo, Serbia and Greece and Turkey in the Balkan Sports Games which will be held on May 8th and 10th in Edirne by Trakya University.
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